Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to install HP Proliant VMM 2012 Integration Kit on Windows Server 2012 R2 RTM

Today I am going to talk about HP Proliant VMM 2012 Integration Kit. Our test environment is VMM 2012 R2.

First thing to do is downloading latest Integration kit for VMM 2012 which is "Insight Control for System Center 7.3.1 DVD ISO - Sept 2013" for this post. You can download ISO package from the link below;

When you click the 7.2 link page will be scroll down to 7.2 download section. There after, when you click the download page will scroll down to the end and then you will see the receive for free button.

Then, Fill the form and then select Insight Control for System Center 7.3.1 DVD ISO - Sept 2013. Recommended to use HP download manager.

After download finished move to VMM management server and stop VMM services. Mount ISO and start autorun. Select VMM 2012 Integration Kit and follow the steps as follows;

Injecting drivers into WinPE boot image is another topic now discussed here therefore just click next.

Installed completed. Now start VMM services and move to Library tab, right click library server and click Refresh. You should see HP folder and subfolders like in the screenshot below;

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