Monday, January 27, 2014

Creating Change Request with template from Release Record using Orchestrator

Hello everybody,

Today I am going to write down the steps for creating a change request with a template from a release record automaticaly using Orchestrator. You may do the same using powershell but Orchestrator seems more easy for this type of projects. You can find the Powershell version (not the same but gives but gives an idea) in my previous blog;

I get bored of creating a change requset evey month for several services each having different CI's, start-end dates and Manual activities. There is no option for Scheduled tasks in Service Manager, therefore I

Here is the flow chart prepared in Orchestrator;

Steps in detail;

  • Creating a release record from a RR template Manually from SCSM console
  • Runbook triggered from RR template
  • Getting the relationship between Runbook and RR
  • Creating a new CR from a CRtemplate relatd to RR acquired in previous steps
  • Updating Start and End dates of the new CR
  • Building relation between 
  • Updating Areas in CR;

    1) Searching SCOM servers from Active directory and adding to Change Request CI section
    2) Filtering Active directory users and passing  a desired user to Change Request's "assigned to user" and "created by" areas.

Next step is to add CI's and acitivity strat end dates to MA's in the CR template. I will add the steps and runbook screenshots later.

Keep following!

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