Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bare metal deployment with VMM 2012 SP1 using HP ILO

Last week I tried to bare metal deploy a Windows Server 2012 to a HP DL 380 G6 server with ILO 2 which will be a Hyper-V host ended successfully.

The main points in this kind of deployment is configuring hardware and software in a way that they work as expected.

For HP hardware you need to configure BIOS settings to enable boot from a network adapter by changing the boot order and selecting "enable" from LAN adapter settings.

On VMM side first you have to integrate VMM and SCCM for booting the HP server with F12 key and loading the boot.wim. To do this on VMM console add PXE server on fabric tab (here is your SCCM Server) which is so simple.

On fabric Tab click PXE servers on the left side and click "Add PXE Server". Enter the Computer name of the SCCM server and select a user Runas account able access SCCM. You can create a new one by clicking browse and add "Create Runas Account".

You will a VHD file to do a bare metal deployment in VMM. Therefore, the next step is preparing a VHD file for installing an operating system. I installed a Windows Server 2012 and sysprepped it for getting its VHD file to use, after that, imported it to VMM Library for future use.

To sysprep an operating system;

Go to "C:\windows\system32\sysprep\" and run "sysprep" as administrator. Select as seen on screenshot.

To import a VHD to VMM library first select "Import Physical Resource" icon on upper side of console, click add resource

Next you will need to built a host profile in VMM as follows;



After completing the hyper-v Host profile next step is to add a resource (in this example Hyper-v Host);

Open ILO console and wait for F12 prompt and press as soon as possible :)You will see DHCP offer and boot.wim followed by a VMM installation window. After that all you need to do is wait till installation completes:)

You better look at links below for everything about VMM and bare metal deployment;

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